Quick bike Path ride

I had to work 12-3 and 5-6 today, so rather than go home during the two-hour break, I took a quick spin on the bike path. I did about 14 miles in the 56 minutes of riding. Before riding, I raised my seat about 1 cm. I had a little frontal knee pain during yesterday’s ride, and raising the seat seems to have helped. I’ll probably keep the seat like it is for a while and see how the body feels on the bike. I do get a little tingling in the hands while riding on the ever-so-flat bike path, so the next adjustment I do may be to angle the nose of my seat up a bit. Nice afternoon ride, with lots of wind due to the front of thunderstorms moving in this evening.


Next to the Hocking River

Early Bike Path Ride

Chris and I met at Peden Stadium at 6:15 for an early morning ride. We did a quick out and back on the bike path, covering 32 miles in a little over 2 hours. We saw 7 deer, a number of rabbits, a few chipmunks, and a kamikaze squirrel. I was back home by 8:45, just in time for a trip to Bob Evans for breakfast with the family.

Early start at Peden

The route:

Last ride in Leesburg: Two laps around Sunnyside

After missing my ride yesterday (slept in until 7) , I wanted to do a little more than the previous days. I had mapped our another route, but decided to stick with this one.  I figured with a new route I would spend too much time looking at a map and too little time riding.   I left at 6:15 just as the sun was coming up.  The views around Lake Harris were great in the early morning. I was home by 8 before it got too hot.


a tunnel of moss on Sunnyside Road

The route:

Ride around Leesburg again


Lake Harris and a marina in the background

Tired legs from yesterday’s ride, plus I got started 30 minutes late, so today’s ride was a bit shorter.  I did basically the same route, except I didn’t do as many loops around Lakeshore.  Despite leaving the house at 7, traffic was pretty light on the route for a Monday morning.

The Route:

Leesburg ride: out to Sunnyside

Had a great ride around Leesburg this morning. It started with a light rain and wet roads, but turned into dry and humid. The ride through old downtown Leesburg was nice, and the loop around Sunnyside and Lakeshore was spectacular. I got stung by a yellow jacket that collided with my arm (it’s dead now) but otherwise great 90 minutes on the bike.

The pics:


Downtown Leesburg on a Sunday morning


Lakeshore of Lake Harris


The route: