Pedal click, drive side

I’ve had a nagging click in the right drive-side pedal for quite some time now.   Using advice from Bicycle Tutor, I looked at the more obvious places for the click.   I took the pedal off and regreased the threads.   I fixed two stuck links in my chain.   I also tightened the crank arm bolt just a bit.   Unfortunately, none of these fixed the issue causing the noise.   The noise occurred on the down stroke, when my right foot was at about the 2 o’clock location in the pedal revolution.   The noise was more obvious when riding my trainer indoors, as there was no wind or road resisitance to muffle sound.   I thought I was looking at a bottom bracket overhaul.   However, with the recent acquisition and installation of a Brooks B17 saddle, the noise seems to have disappeared.   I should have paid more careful attention and noted that the noise did not occur when I was out of the saddle.   For now, my drivetrain noises have disappeared, and the mystery noise has been attributed to the old worn-out seat.   Now all I have to be worried about is trying to break the Brooks in a bit.   Only another 490 miles or so until it feels just right.