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The Redneck in Spandex is a husband and thirty-something father of four by the name of Chad, who really likes to ride his bike. This blog will log the workouts, discuss the rides, dissect the equipment, and help the Redneck keep the rubber side down.  Why the “Redneck in Spandex”?  Well, I’m originally from Tennessee, I have a Tennessee Vol cycling jersey, and I frequently get in trouble with my wife when I don’t wear sunscreen.

In addition to being a husband, dad, and cyclist, the Redneck is also a librarian.  You can find him around the web here, and  here.

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  1. Hey, just dropping a line after reviewing some comments from my blog. I grew up north of you. Metro Cleveland, and then south of the southern suburbs… Have toured around a bit to Athens , Columbus, Newark, etc.

    Keep riding… As I’m a late 30something dad I get it. It’s tough to balance work and play and family…

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