Ebay and bike prices

I subscribe to an RSS feed for a search for “Schwinn World Voyageur” in ebay.   I don’t really need a new bike, but I’m simply curious as to what prices things fetch.     And, if I can ever get a really good deal on something, you never know.   Unfortunately, I have yet to define to myself what “really good deal” actually is.     Below is an example of a single frame that sold for almost as much as a complete bike.   The two are different sizes, with the frame being the 21″ version of the bike, and and the complete bike being the same 23 inch size that I own.


The complete bike was in decent shape, with very little surface rust on the chrome, brakes, or other parts. The frame had a few dings where the chrome plating showed through the orange paint.   The frame-only was in much better shape.   Still, it’s hard to believe that the frame fetched almost as much as the bike.   I wonder what the other parts will fetch, assuming the owner parted the bike out and will auction the other parts as well. Regardless, it is amazing how auctions can cause prices to fluctuate so much.