First ride of 2014

It’s been a long winter.   I haven’t ridden in something like six months.   So I binged a little on my first ride,  and now my right knee hurts a bit.   It’s likely a fit or cleat issue or a too much too soon issue.   I was only going to do 15 or 20 miles,  but I was tempted to do more. Regardless of the slight discomfort,  it was awesome to get out.  It was chilly at 40 degrees and windy,  but a few layers were enough.   I ran into Dave on  the way back,  and riding with him was nice.  

Ride details and route :I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 29.38mi, time: 01:59:20, pace: 4:04min/mi, speed: 14.77mi/h.


12 miles at lunch


I'm smiling here



Nice sunny, windy ride at lunch yesterday. Rode out to Eclipse and back, and extended it another two miles by looping through South Green. I was going tos ride today, but I've got a tinge (for lack of a better description) down my right hip and into my knee. I had the same pain yesterday, but I didn't feel it on the bike. Despite being okay yesterday, I figured it best to rest today. It's supposed to be sunny on Friday, so perhaps I can get a lunch ride in then.

Blue sky, gray beard


A ride to the Nelsonville Pool

My sons’ school had a party at the Nelsonville Pool this morning at 10, so I left the house at 8 on my bike. 2 hours and 28 miles later, I met up with them at the pool.

The route can be found on MapMyRide

Some highlights from the ride:

  • Fox Lake Road continues to be one of my favorite roads in Athens. I haven’t been on it in a long time. It offers some decent climbs and a good mix of rollers with minimal traffics.
  • The low points on 356 were about ten degrees cooler than the rest of the road. They literally gave me a breath of fresh air when it was badly needed.
  • I made it up all the hills, even the hill up from 56 on 691. That one is easily one of the harder hills in the area.
  • 691 was radically smooth and fast, having just been paved recently. However, the fresh blacktop made it especially hot.
  • it was only 75 degrees when I left the house, but creeping into the nineties by the time I arrived at the pull.
  • the front of my right need starting feeling a bit tender around mile 22
  • two bottles and small Gatorade seemed to work well for the ride
  • drank another Gatorade and bottle while waiting in the pool parking lot for my family to arrive
  • got a nice nap this afternoon

Overall a fantastic ride on some roads that I have not been on in quite some time.


Home to Plains and back

Got out this morning for a really nice ride. With the van in the shop, I had no way to get my bike to the bike path, so I rode from my house. Did a little over 23 miles in about an hour and forty minutes. My right knee is still clicking a little off and on, even after raising my seat 1/4 inch. I will probably leave the seat where it is for a while and hope it sorts itself out. Made it up Blackburn and Wonder Hills without much of an issue. It’s always a good day when you can ride 20 miles and make it up Blackburn.

A few cell phone snaps and the route below.

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Lots of kamikazee chipmunks

Got in a good ride on the bike path this morning. I started later than I intended, but still managed to get to Nelsonville and back in just under two hours. The bike path can get a touch boring at times, but it is a way to get miles in a predictable amount of time. In the mornings it is a very peaceful ride, though today I had to dodge quite a few chipmunks. Below are a few snapshots.