Father’s Day Ride

Chris, me, and Mac

Today I had a great Father’s Day ride. I left my house at 6:30 and rode 50 to Radford, then down 56 to meet up with Chris and Mac. Together we rode up 682 to Connett, then down to Poston and up to 691, then back to town via the bike path. I then rode home up Dairy Barn Lane and up and up North Blackburn. I felt fairly good throughout the entire ride, even if I had a fairly hard time keeping up with Chris (he’s spend considerable time on his indoor trainer). On the way home, I was very pleased to make it up North Blackburn and Wonder Hills, especially after riding 30+ miles at a pretty good clip. Total mileage was around 35.75, with about 2.5 hours ride time. I’m pretty sure this was the longest ride of the year. I’ve had a lot of professional, personal, and family commitments that have kept me away from the bike, but man, that ride has me psyched to ride a lot more. Now to just find the time without upsetting my work/home/life/family balance.

Here is the route of the ride :