Lunchtime ride like the wind

With temperatures close to 60 and sunny, and with an actual hour for lunch, going for a ride was a no-brainer.  I rode from Grover down to Casa Lopez.  I was tempted to extend the round trip by two miles by going to Holzer and back, but I’m glad I didn’t.  The ride down to Casa Lopez was fast and I felt like I was flying.  After a quick swig of water, I turned around and headed back, only to find myself facing a massive headwind.  No wonder I was hauling earlier.  On the way back, it was all I could do to roll at 10-12 miles an hour, and I bet at times I dipped into the single digits.  The picture of the flag doesn’t really do the wind justice, as it was really whipping around today. While only a brief 34 minutes on the bike, it felt great. An yes, that makes two days in a row on the bike!

The details:

8.14 miles
500 calories burned
14.1 mph average speed