Lunchtime ride on Rockhouse

Managed to squeeze a ride in at lunch on Rockhouse at Sells Park.  Mac was supposed to go as well, but his meeting ran 45 minutes over.  I rode from Grover out to Sells, with a quick out and back on Rockhouse.  I turned around about 100 yards before my usual gotta-be-back-fast turnaround spot.  I would have loved to ridden longer, but it was still great to get some dirt under the tires.

Temperature was around 37 degrees with full sun.  I was chilly in the wind when starting out, but otherwise comfortable when I got warmed up.  Wore a long sleeve underjersey, a regular jersey, full finger mountain bike gloves (summer weight), shorts, tights, wool socks.  Round trip about 7.5 miles (5.5 miles pavement and 2 miles dirt).


My buddy and me