My rides lately

It’s been hard to get rides in lately, as it seems the schedule continues to get a bit more hectic as the weather gets warmer. I’m trying to find time to ride when I can, and right now the time is during my lunch break. This week and last I rode my mountain bike out to Sells Park; two days last week and two days this week. Due to time constraints of my lunch hour, I can only get about a mile into the trails before its time to turn around. I usually just stick to the Rockhouse Trail, as I can ride all of it without walking anything. I’ve yet to make it up the hill to get on top of the Athens Trail without walking, so I reserve that section of the Athens Trail System for when I have more time. With the two miles out and back on Rockhouse, and the 5.5 miles there and back, it turns into a decent lunchtime ride. Here’s the route to get there:

Since I’m so pressed for time, it’s almost like a time trial getting to and from the trail, and I usually face a massive headwind coming back to work. I can usually get there and back, get a shower, and be back at my desk in an hour. Sometimes I get held up at the red light crossing East State Street, and if that happens, I sometimes have to adjust my time on the trail. It may seem crazy to ride 5.5. miles round trip for 2 miles of singletrack, but the brief amount of time I get on the trail is very much worth it. It’s a good amount of riding to wet the appetite for more riding, while also getting a decent workout for the lungs and legs. I’m hoping to be able to work in some longer trail and road rides once things settle down a bit. It’s tough to be patient, but I have to remind myself that it’s only the middle of April. The riding season has only just begun. However, many of my riding buddies have been able to log a few more miles than I have, so I am a bit concerned about keeping up with them on the road. Maybe my gym workouts and lunchtime time trial/trail rides will be enough to keep me from being blown off the back. Time will tell.