Ride home

Thumbsup Today’s ride home was fantastic.  4.5 miles in 23:45.  Going through the new Athens Roundabout was quite fun, and the pedestrian/bike lane allowed me to totally blow by other cars.  I had a close call with a red Dodge minivan who decided to pass at a bad time, and he almost had a head-on collison with an oncoming car. They had just tarred some of N. Blackburn Road near Dairy Barn Lane, so some spots on the big hill were a bit sticky.  Overall a great after-work commute.

Today’s Ride to Work

I rode the mountain bike to work today. I put the knobbies back on a few days ago, with the expectation of eventually hitting the trails soon. The knobbies were pretty slow, but I managed to get to cover the 6 miles to work in just under 30 minutes. On the way, I goofed around with my Flip video camera. The video below is from today’s ride.

Ride home from work

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding my bike to work. I took the long way home yesterday, making the 6.77 miles home in about 33.5 minutes. I had a real hard time with some of the hills on the Yukon. It felt at times like I was dragging an anchor. On the road bike I can get up the hills a lot easier, despite not having the low gears of the mountain bike. Chalk it up to skinny tires I guess. I did switch to the Serfas Drifters, which are 1.5 inch tires, so we’ll see how that works out next time.

Yesterday’s totals were about an hour of riding and 12.8 miles, according to my bike computer.