3rd day in a row on the short commute


I’ve been leaving my car at the Ridges and riding in to work this week.  Today was the third day in a row.  It’s a quick 1-1.5 mile ride in, depending on which way I go.  And I have found that I can actually get back to the Ridges to pick up my kids at preschool faster on bike than by car.  Taking the bike path and roundabout tunnel gets me there a lot quicker than waiting in traffic in my car and it’s a lot more fun. It’s not a hardcore commute by any means, but I have a good time doing it and it gets me on the bike for a few minutes.

Here’s the route:

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One thought on “3rd day in a row on the short commute

  1. Can you tell me how you embedded the MapMyRide map? I’m using the MapMyRun Embedder plugin but it doesn’t look as nice as yours…

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