A Practical Cyclist’s Winter Cycle Clothing Guidelines

While it may be a bit early to be thinking about winter, we’ve recently had some temperatures in the low forties in the mornings. I’m planning on trying to keep cycling through the winter (mostly because I haven’t done much riding this summer). In preparation for winter riding, it helps to have the right clothes for the conditions. The Practical Cyclist has an awesome table of how to dress for the elements when cycling. The image, below, is taken from the post. Click the image for the full table, and make sure you check out the full post, linked below the image.

A Practical Cyclist: Winter Cycle Clothing Guidelines.

2 thoughts on “A Practical Cyclist’s Winter Cycle Clothing Guidelines

  1. I’m looking forward to riding well into the fall this year, and to that end will be buying a vest. That should get me into November.

    You say you’re from Tennessee, but not anymore. We’ve had mornings in the 40s in the northeast lately. You in NY?

    BTW, read your About page. I just happen to work alongside 5 librarians! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

    • Hi Al, thanks for stopping by. I’m in Athens, Ohio, which is in the Southeast Corner of the state. Most folks around here turn to the trails when the weather and roads get nasty, although I have tended to put the bike away and go to the gym instead. I have hopes of riding more this fall, winter, and early spring, so we’ll just see what happens.

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