First ride of 2015


Today was a very warm day for February in Southeast Ohio, but  I wasn’t able to get out for a ride due to parenting responsibilities.   However,  the newly insulated garage was a great place to ride with Jack and Kate from Lost.   The 42 minute episode was ideal entertainment for the ride to nowhere on the trainer.

First ride of 2014

It’s been a long winter.   I haven’t ridden in something like six months.   So I binged a little on my first ride,  and now my right knee hurts a bit.   It’s likely a fit or cleat issue or a too much too soon issue.   I was only going to do 15 or 20 miles,  but I was tempted to do more. Regardless of the slight discomfort,  it was awesome to get out.  It was chilly at 40 degrees and windy,  but a few layers were enough.   I ran into Dave on  the way back,  and riding with him was nice.  

Ride details and route :I rode with MapMyRide! Distance: 29.38mi, time: 01:59:20, pace: 4:04min/mi, speed: 14.77mi/h.


12 miles at lunch


I'm smiling here



Nice sunny, windy ride at lunch yesterday. Rode out to Eclipse and back, and extended it another two miles by looping through South Green. I was going tos ride today, but I've got a tinge (for lack of a better description) down my right hip and into my knee. I had the same pain yesterday, but I didn't feel it on the bike. Despite being okay yesterday, I figured it best to rest today. It's supposed to be sunny on Friday, so perhaps I can get a lunch ride in then.

Blue sky, gray beard