So my bike shop called me fat

Well, not in so many words.   But still.

Thing is, I’ve broken two spokes on my rear wheels in the past six weeks.   One was on my road bike, 6 weeks ago, and the other on my mountain bike on Monday. I also broke another spoke on my road bike toward the end of last summer.   When I inquired what I could do to prevent further spokes from breaking, my bike shop owner, whom I know pretty well, made a circular motion around his waist with his hands.   He also suggested that we could build some stronger wheels, but apparently watching my calories would be a bit cheaper.

I weigh 210 now, and I got as low as 198 last summer.   So more riding, less eating, should save me money on spokes over the long haul.

Oh, and just so you know, my bike shop owner was just joking.   My self-esteem is mostly still intact.   Now to find more time to ride.