Workout 11/26 or Yikes!

Went to the gym at lunch.   Pre-workout weight was a whopping 221 pounds.   The last time I weighed in was October 9 at 215.6 pounds.   Post workout weight today was 219.2 pounds, so I apparently was retaining a bit of water.

The last recorded trip to the gym was Oct 11, so it’s been a while.   I’m hoping this blog will help me hold myself accountable.   I was very fortunate to get a couple of decent rides in each week this fall.   However, with winter coming on, it will be very difficult to get any sort of regular riding in.   Therefore, regular trips to the gym are that much more important.   I was going pretty regularly this past summer, but once October hit, I got out of the habit.   Here’s to getting back in the habit.

Today’s workout: Arc Trainer for 30 minutes.   645 calories burned.   Felt pretty good throughout.   Legs were a little stiff starting out from Saturday’s ride.