Lunchtime ride: Athens Trail

The view from Rockhouse Trail over Athens

I got out today for a nice little trail ride over a long lunch break.   I left Grover Center, rode the bike path to the Community Center, and then took Avon up to Sells Park.   Once at Sells, I rode up to the top of the ridge (pushed it mostly) and took the Athens Trail until it connected with the Rockhouse Trail.   I took the Rockhouse back to Sells Park, then back to campus.   Total ride time was about 70 minutes, including stopping for breathers and the red light to cross East State Street.

I was actually pretty impressed by how well I did on the trail today, considering this was only the second time out this year.   I was able to make it up some of the hills and clear some of the more technical sections that I couldn’t do last year.   This gives me a good deal of confidence going into the cycling season.   It was a fantastic day to be out on the trails.   Rockhouse was soft in a few spots, but it won’t ever be fully dry until the middle of the summer.   I bit the dust once real good, likely caused by my front wheel sliding out in a muddier gully section.   Fortunately nothing was hurt but my pride, but only the trees saw me bust.   I also broke a spoke when I first started on the trail, but I continued to ride.   The wheel held up fine,   and I may try to ride it a bit more before getting it repaired.   It was awesome to get out, and I’m already jonesing for my next time on the trails.   Now, just to find some more time to ride.