That which doesn’t kill you

Only makes you stronger. Unless that thing is named “North Blackburn” or “Stagecoach.”

This was my second road ride of the year. Yes, I’m getting started a bit later than I wanted, but weather, illness, and other commitments have kept me off the bike. Thursday was calling for some good weather, so I made a plan to get out on the bike. I didn’t plan to tackle any hills, as I have been sick for the past three weeks with the allergy/tuberculosis bug. But Thursday was a busy day, and I had to go let the dog out before picking up kids and returning to work on Thursday night. Because I had to let the dog out as some point during the day, I decided to ride home and back. I was afraid, but somehow I made it up both Blackburn and Stagecoach. I felt really good about that, considering I haven’t done much riding or exercise in the past 3-6 weeks. It hurt to do those climbs, but I also felt strong.

10.8 miles
about 1 hour of total ride time
took about a 30 minute break at the house before riding back